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Discover Bangkok Chinatown

Getting there.

So you're off to explore one of Bangkok's best food scene? Getting to Bangkok Chinatown or 'Yaowarat' - in Thai, is easier than you thought from Sacha's Hotel UNO.

Just 2-minute walk from the hotel, take MRT subway to 'Wat Mangkon' station and you will arrive in the middle of Chinatown.

What to Eat?

#1 Kway Chap Auan Pochana

Nothing compares to the legendary soup filled with pepper. It is so famous for local and tourists alike that it made it's way to one of the must-eat-thing in Bangkok Chinatown.

#2 Street Seafood

You cannot simply be in Chinatown and not eating any seafood. Grilled river prawn, squid with seafood sauce, steamed crab in curry sauce, there are so many dishes to savour.

#3 Noodles (Mung Korn Khao Noodle)

Think egg noodle with crab meat, bbq pork and shrimp wonton. This is one of local people's favourites you must try. Perfect with a bowl of soup.


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